The ad I never expected to shoot …

As a people photographer, I am very happy for the current tendency in commercial photography to capture “the human experience” as a way to embody a brand. So rather than overtly showing the product, the emphasis is on the people and what it feels like to partake/use/have the product at hand. Drawing upon a palette comprised of expressions, gestures and emotion, the people pictured take center stage. This human tendency is the only way that I could ever have found myself photographing an ad for Ford Motor Company. We had a fantastic shoot in Lafayette — great people all around, from the food bank volunteers, to the wonderful creatives at Team Detroit.

Also, a hearty thanks to Michael Tortorich for helping me out!


Here is the ad:
Dealer_Citron_LA 7-11-14


  1. Felix

    These photos and stories are riveting. They inspire me. They really capture the human spirit so effectively. Maybe you could share some background into how you do what you do …

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