Perhaps THE Greatest Client Compliment Ever …

I think it was an idle Tuesday afternoon when the phone rang. Em, quite possibly the sweetest office manager in the world, who gracefully and joyously holds down the fort at FINE Design in Portland, was on the other line. She cut right to the chase: “Kris, I know this probably isn’t something you would normally do, but we were wondering if we might hire you to photograph all of us — our culture — for our new website?”

I was instantly on cloud nine. I absolutely love these guys and feel so fortunate to have partnered with them on a number of branding projects in the last few years.

And what a culture it is — every office should be like this: A glorious swing for inspiration. Every wall made for writing, doodling, drawing, list-making, tic-tac-toe playing. Books, books, oh so many books on so many curious topics. Nooks and crannies to think in, daydream in or nap in. Excellent coffee. The most exquisite kitchen in which everyone gathers, organically. Bright ambient-lit spaces. Pool table. Ping-pong table and a Creative Director who is always up for a match. An office dog the size of a full-grown lion, always eager for an ear-scratch. But best of all, a phenomenal group of people.

They gave me free rein to photograph them in their space as I saw fit. A dream shoot in so many ways … and quite possibly the highest compliment I have ever received from a client/branding firm. Thank YOU, fine people of FINE Design.

Check out their stunning new website here:

And … here are a few screen grabs:


I was thrilled to discover a couple of showcases of the Kimpton Hotels work on the new FINE website — I photographed both the Public Bike campaign (check out the behind the scenes — that’s me up on a scissor-lift in Phoenix!) and the Yoga Mat in Every Room (and this campaign won a 2013 Adrian award — a top honor bestowed by the Hospitality Sales + Marketing Association).

Web_2 Web_3Web_6

And this is my favorite page on their new website — we had a lot of fun shooting with the viking horns hat in the conference room. Quite suitably, this is the page for potential employees. Who wouldn’t want to work here?



  1. Yorgos Tsourgianis, a director from Athens Greece who is with the group GIFF is coming to SMA to work on films from Columbia (the country). The hospitality group here in SMA asked for volunteers to lend a place for them to stay and he got me for a couple of weeks. Would like to sit-in on their work-shops.
    Never heard of him until I read about him on IMDB, he has an impressive resume.
    Mark S
    I rarely am awake this early….

  2. Leslie

    They knew a FINE photographer and called her. No mystery there 🙂 Great job!

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