With FINE Design: Kimpton Hotels Yoga Mat Campaign

It was a one-day shoot in 3 different Kimpton hotels in blustery Chicago weather in late January. Sounds daunting, but with a great team, talent and client it was actually a lot of fun!

Kimpton is a fantastic hotel chain. Upon arriving in town a couple of day prior to the shoot, the cab driver enthusiastically endorsed the Hotel Monaco, exclaiming: “You know, you can get a pet for your room if you feel lonely!”

Upon check in I inquired about this. It’s true! They have hotel pets you can hang out with. It was tempting. If not for all the camera and lighting gear stashed in my room I would have spent some quality time with the resident Fluffy for sure — this is yet another reason why Kimpton is wonderful — each hotel on their roster has a unique character, and they roll out various campaigns each year aimed at a better experience. Last summer I shot the free bike campaign in San Francisco (how fun is that?). This time the task was to illustrate the yoga mat program they are rolling out (yes, pun intended).

Working with the brilliant folks at Fine Design, always a pleasure!

EXCITING UPDATE! This campaign won a 2013 Platinum Adrian Award!!! (That’s a top honor in the hospitality industry!). Read more about it here: http://www.wearefine.com/work/kimpton-hotels-yoga-mat-campaign

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