In AFAR: Reindeer Redux

AFAR ran one of the images from my reindeer migration story in their Postcards section this month, along with a first-person account that reads:

Equipped with a snowmobile and thick winter gloves, I traveled for five days with a herd of reindeer as they migrated to Laponia, a UNESCO World Heritage site in northern Sweden. The animals crossed a frozen river, their hooves clicking against the ice, before they reached their calving grounds on Sáiovárri Mountain.

I’ve posted a few other images from the migration. This award-winning story about reindeer migration is one of my favorites – intended as a promo/portfolio piece, it has a cathartic undercurrent for me. It was a way (excuse!) to re-visit the magical snowy wonderland of my childhood. The far north of Sweden is supremely beautiful — almost beyond description. The reindeer are both graceful and comical, and their keepers — the indigenous Sami herders — are beautiful people.  If you are in the market for an unconventional adventure, reach out to the lovely folks at VisitSampi — VisitSápmi is the Sámi initiative to organize and promote sustainable Sámi tourism.

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