Arctic Wonderland by Sarah Anne Johnson

I am in I am in love, love, love with the Sarah Anne Johnson’s series Arctic Wonderland. Here’s a bit of background, excerpted from The New Yorker (by Caroline Hirsch):

Sarah Anne Johnson reated her series Arctic Wonderland after an artist’s residency on board a double-masted schooner in the Norwegian territory of the Arctic Circle, sailing from untouched landscapes to abandoned mining camps. “It seemed so pristine and perfect, vast and strong, but also somehow delicate and fleeting,” she says. “After such an experience, one can’t help speculating about the impact we have on this planet.” Upon her return, Johnson went to work on the photographs she’d taken with a full visual arsenal: paint, Photoshop, embossing, printmaking. “I do this to create a more honest image,” she says. “To show not just what I saw, but how I feel about what I saw.”

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