My Old Mixed Media Work (Grad school days)

I thought I would write a post about some of my older mixed-media collage work. I am taking a break from producing these pieces, but there will be a return to it one of these days. Here are just a couple of the pieces, now in private collections. The last picture is me at a show I had in Oakland, California.

In grad school I developed a bit of a fixation on the fact that a photograph is a split second captured within the confines of a square frame for all eternity — a photo is an unsuspecting instance snatched from the steadily flowing river of time. So much can happen in the span of a moment — thousands of photographs would be possible! I began toying with the idea of photographing a person or scene in sections, usually over the span of a few minutes and then piecing the sections together on canvas and using acrylic paints and other media to fill in the gaps. The images in this post are a small selection of the work that emerged from that exploration.

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