Mayway Corporation: Photographing the Oakland Location

I am having a great time working with Mayway, a Chinese herbal medicine company based in Oakland, CA to build a corporate image library and to illustrate their new Plumflower brand website. The shoot combines two of my favorite things: brand building + cultural exploration.

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries — it is a tradition rich with history, and for westerners, carries a certain degree of mystique as well. With the Mayway imagery the goal is to leverage several key aspects: first, the depth and history behind the rich Chinese herbal medicine tradition; second, the innovation that Mayway brings to the market (Mayway is a market leader in using innovation to bring pesticide-free, high-quality herbs) ; and third, a general feeling of lightness, health and peace.

Here are a few outtakes from the shoot this past week — check back in April! — I’ll be going with Mayway to visit the fields in Anguo, China where the herbs are cultivated.

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