Life At Sea

There is something familiar about being at sea (well aside from the fact that I have sailed twice before on SAS!). No, there is something familiar in a deeper sense, in the same way that a campfire is familiar and comforting. It’s almost as if there is some ancestral memory that wakens in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s hard to articulate and it invites contemplation. I have always thought that being at sea makes a great deal of sense for learning (aside from the fact that the classrooms sway gently, rocking you to sleep or at the very least induce daydreaming). As reflection is almost automatic in this environment it is an ideal place to study. This week I photographed life at sea, documenting the unique “academical village” that has emerged in our shipboard community where students, professors and their families live, work, study and play side-by-side. We even have Grandma The Clown from the Big Apple Circus on board as an interport lecturer! Here is the link to view the academical village audio slideshow on the Semester At Sea website:

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