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Forum On Global Engagement on Semester At Sea

Semester At Sea has played a pivotal role in my life since I first sailed as a student in 1996. International travel coupled with the teaching offered by impressive faculty makes for an experience that resonates for a lifetime. It changed my life my I was 22. The ship, the beloved MV Explorer is truly a magical place.

I am writing right now from the middle of the Atlantic, sailing again with Semester At Sea on the summer voyage of 2010 asthe photographer, making marketing images for The Institute for Shipboard Education / Semester At Sea. I will tell you all about it — but first I want share a bit about the Forum On Global Engagement that was held on board before we picked up students in Halifax on June 15th.

I had the opportunity to photograph the Forum on Global Engagement which featured Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the United States’ first female supreme court justice and civil rights leader Julian Bond and many other esteemed historians, activists, and global thought leaders. As a group they addressed some of today’s most critical issues.

A highlight for me: Being that the ship is an enclosed community and as a result, a curious equalizer of sorts, I ended up having lunch with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she came over with her tray of food. We talked about Texas, fly-fishing and photography. A real treat!

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